A Little Practicality

This is not a picture of me perched contemplatively on a mountainside. It's not me at all, it was here when I chose this blog template.

In reality, I am sitting at my computer. Also...she looks awfully put-together for having just hiked.

I've probably just had an argument with my tween or teen daughter while getting them off to school, or I'm considering if the weather is conducive to a walk, or I'm making a shopping list, or wondering if I could really throw out everything I own and live minimally...because stuff is neverending. Or maybe I've just finished cleaning the bathrooms for the millionth time, or unloaded the dishwasher.

I'm also wondering if I spelled "conducive" correctly.

Just looked that up. I did. Good.

I'm just your average housewife, age somewhere north of thirty. Probably somewhere around Maine, but not quite Canada. I am also an artist (painter) and just trying to keep my family/home running while still finding time to nurture my own creativity.